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Private Cooking Lessons

Dagmar offers private instruction for individuals at all levels of ability in their homes. Lesson plans are customized to the student’s skill level and requests. She also helps plan party menus and teaches small groups for cooking/dinner party events.

The private lessons for small groups can be tailored for serious students or can have a party atmosphere. Invite a few friends and/or family members for a cooking lesson and spectacular meal. Choose your own menu of recipes of seasonal dishes, family favorites, or foods you always wanted to learn how to cook.

Group participation in making the meal is fun and team building. Consider having a cooking party with coworkers instead of another boring office party.

Of course, at the end of the lesson, there is a feast that everybody gets to eat. The menu for these parties can span the range from simple and fun to complicated and elegant; foccacia and salad to an impressive seafood banquet.

Contact Dagmar at <dagmar@dagmarcooks.com> for more information or to schedule a private cooking lesson.
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