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Fall Soups

Great soups start with a flavorful broth. In this hands on cooking class, we will make wonderful vegetable and chicken stocks one two consecutive nights. And go on to make hearty homemade soups. We'll also work with some alternatives to homemade stock.

The recipes will include: Mushroom Barley Soup, Split Pea and Chicken Noodle Soup, Creamy Broccoli Soup, Mediterranean Three Fish Soup, and Zesty Garlic and Onion Soup.

All of the recipes will be easy, straight forward, and possible for a beginner to repeat at home. The class will also make some fresh corn bread on the first night and some cookies on the second. Come hungry!

Instructor Dagmar Smith
Sessions 2 classes
Location Keefe Tech Adult Education (register) Mon, Dec 16
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