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Frugal and Extravagant Seafood Specialties

This hands-on cooking course will teach you to make wonderful seafood dishes suitable for week night family meals, as well as, spectacular company dinners.

On the first evening, you will prepare frugal recipes such as Spaghetti Putanesca, Salmon Quiche, Thai Fish Cakes with spicy cucumber relish, and Corn and Shrimp Chowder.

On the second night, you will work with an extravagant ingredients to make smoked fish appetizers, Japanese Nabe with Scallops, Spiced Shrimp with honey mustard sauce, and Crab Cakes with fruit salsa.

The class will also show you how to select seafood at the market, and will introduce you to the proper methods for handling and storage. Recipes maybe adjusted to suit class size and the availability of seafood.

Instructor Dagmar Smith
Sessions 2 classes
Location Ask to be notified when this class is offered again.
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