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Muffins and Tea

Homemade muffins are delicious and surprisingly easy to make. Besides being much cheaper than bakery muffins, they can be more wholesome and tastier too.

In this class students will have a hands-on experience of making muffins from scratch. The class will make both savory and sweet muffins, and some tasty spreads to go on them.

The recipes will included: corn, blueberry, oatmeal raisin, lemon poppy seed, and spiced pumpkin muffins. This is an excellent first class for the student interested in baking as we well discuss the basics or measurement, mixing, and baking.

At the end of the evening we'll make herbal and black teas to accompany our muffins and spreads, and there will be muffins to take home as well.

Instructor Dagmar Smith
Sessions 1 class
Location Ask to be notified when this class is offered again.
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