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French Regional Cooking

The regional food of France is remarkably diverse with eleven distinct regional cuisines, ranging from the robust to the refined, from hearty country food to elegant dishes. French cooks know that fine food does not have to be complicated or take forever to prepare. The secret of their success lies in the perfection of simple cooking skills, and the use of only the finest and freshest ingredients.

Our menu will introduce you to classic specialties from various provinces and regions, including Normandy, Alsace, Bourgogne, Provence, and Val de Loire.

Each evening the class will prepare a complete meal of traditional French recipes and eny a fabulous dinner at the end of the evening. From Normandy, a region known for its pomme (apples) and crème fráiche (cream), we will prepare Mussels Poached in Hard Cider, and a traditional Tarte Tatin (apple tart); from Alsace we will enjoy a Onion Tart and Kirsch Soufflé; from Bourgogne we'll sample a traditional Coq au Vin and rich Pot du Crème (chocolate custard); from Provence we'll enjoy Tapenade and Mediterranean Three Fish Soup; and more!

Instructor Dagmar Smith
Sessions 3 classes
Location Cambridge Center for Adult Education (register)Tue, Jan 14
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